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Hory Doly - Lost

Lost Ep It’s about today’s world. How is difficult to live in these times, to live professional or private lives. How we are able to find anything by using technologies, but in fact we are losing in them. But it’s also about hope and about looking for right decisions and ways. It’s our first EP for the label KOYO and we maybe one of the route (way) have found. Brian Gros known from the label Minus took care for the remix.

Artist: Hory Doly
Title: Lost
Release Date: 2016-12-09
Cat.-No.: KR005

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Tom Schön

Musical adventure rising in combination of deep bass groove and darkv techno. Hory_Doly is Czech project based on and with touch of Moravia.

The project Hory_Doly is the trio founded by Dave, Vojta, and Peter at 2004. The taste to a continuous musical and technical innovation and their own styles brings new level of Techno to the Stage. Combination of mysticism with industrial pressure of our times in dark techno musical shape, deep groove full of sounds and unexpected surprise is remarkable experience for listeners.

Hory _Doly performed with the names like Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Julian Jeweil, Cristian Varela, Nakadia, Uto Karem, Fabio Florido, Loco a Jam, Timmo, Scan X, Axel Karakasis, Dubspeeka, Paride Saraceni, Felix Krocher, Dema, Stiv Hey, Brian Gros, A++, Kevi Anavi, Criminish, Bass Mooy, etc.

They collaborate with producers like Miquel, Paco Ymar, Delo, Criminish, Resonant, Brian Gros, Martin Ace, etc., on labels like Diva Records, Tanzbar, Inside Label, KDB, Boiler Underground, Koyo Records, etc.

Be aware: Higly addictive music!




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Tom Schön - Inside Out

Here we go with the fourth smashing release of Koyo Records. Produced by the label resident Tom Schn. Both original tracks are peak-time, floor-filling TechhouseTechno tracks with strong basslines and nice grooves. In advance 1 killing remix from house to techno of well-known artist Loran Valdek, make this release to a super bomb.

Artist: Tom Schön
Title: Inside Out
Release Date: 2015-05-01
Cat.-No.: KR004

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Tom Schön

The Electronic House Rebel Tom Schön the already stepped into the 80s with the electronic music in contact, and there already witnessed the beginning of the electronic music scene, turned his records since 1999 not only in some local clubs such as Frankfurt the U60311, or the Cocoon – but is on the way just in cities such as Berlin, Cologne and in many parts of Europe. His sound ranges from deep tech house to techno with the own unique pumpin House-Rebel-Style.

Tom has in his career already released on labels such as Circle Music, BluFin, Dr. Motte ’s label Praxxiz, Soundso Rec., Sickness, Fassade Rec., Affin, Soap Rec., Delikt-Music, DSR Digital, Global Echoes, Abiesa Rec., Glovel Deep and Pure Pure Rec. His next release is ready to be published on KOYO Records and will be out soon.

Tom Schön also produced a long time under the deep house project „Magory“, which he played together with Rob Strobe.

He currently has his residency in Frankfurt’s Tanzhaus West West at the series of events COLOURS.

Now he is working on his first debut album.




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Visor / Flakes

New Release of the 2014 Newcomer Florian Frings.this time one of Cologne’s most talented newcomer producer and audio engeneer Florian Frings is smashing his first 2 bombs out on Koyo Records. Both tracks are rollin‘ tough with damn deep basslines and hypnotic synth elements that keep the track never get boring all the time. Flakes is remixed by well-known french producer Loran Valdek, who is succesfully running his own imprint Conflict Records, and Daz & Parre, that do their job as well too. Visor is remixed by Elmar Strathe, who gave the track his own unmistakable driving touch as always.

Artist: Florian Frings
Title: Visor / Flakes
Remixers: Elmar Strathe, Loran Valdek, Díaz & Parrée
Published: 2013-05-03
Cat.-No.: KR003

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Florian Frings

Florian Frings, technical nerd on his way to Mastering Engineer, early made a real job of it. In 2002 he not only discovered his first rave, but instantly bought the required equipment to be no longer consumer only, but rather an artist. Two years ago his spectrum expanded with the key component to a producer.

Frings is the MacGyver of Techno and acquired all knowledge with support of some friends and studiopartners by himself, earlier than his study at Deutsche Pop. How could he do different – as “everything is simply coming out of him”. “I want to move something, wanna do nothing else anymore. I don’t need a hype, but have slowly built up this thing without burning everything down at the beginning. So much artists come and go… I only want to make music, groovy and musically ambitious music.”

Result of this mindset is an artist with a vision and the essential background. Sound of Florian Frings is fundamentally shaped of Techno and draws on the groove of house. His longtime constructed set-up is unique and the base to work creatively at best within his highly developed DJ-sets. At that, he is always technically cutting-edge to present a top-quality journey through sound and rhythm. Even his repertoire has no equal – 12-hours-sets are nothing to him, normal two hours seldom enough to meet his requirements. Thereby Frings never plays hits, but rather fascinating tracks you have never heard off.

Are you ready for a journey?





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Díaz & Parrée

Produced by the label residents Daz & Parre. Both original tracks are peak-time, floor-filling TechhouseTechno tracks with strong basslines and nice grooves.

In advance 3 killing remixes from house to techno of well-known artist Alfred Heinrichs, part of Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, featuring great singer Viviana Alvarez and label residents Florian Frings and Freimann & Thurau, make this release to a super bomb.

Artist: Díaz & Parrée
Title: Don’t Walk This Way / The Galloping Ghost
Remixers: Alfred Heinrichs, Florian Frings, Freimann & Thurau
Published: 2013-03-14
Cat.-No.: KR002

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Díaz & Parrée

Now and then a friendly greeting over the garden fence or a warm hello by the property front– For seven long years Alexander Vilar Díaz and René Parrée, without knowing each other personally, lived door to door in the picturesque Eitorf near Cologne. Through a magical encounter in 2006, they learned of their shared preference for electronic-techno soundart and began to make music together. Since then, Alex and the six years older René produce and release plenty of tracks. The workaholics bring out monthly at least one publication. The newest and most successful EP “To Be or Not To Be” on the French label Conflict, which was several times chased through the speakers of Richie Hawtin and others. Diaz & Parrée describe their sound as a very elaborated, groovy techno or tech-house. Even though the latest tracks are going more and more towards techno, it is always important for the duo that the track not only is “functional” but also sounds like music. With everything, the &rt; groove is the most important thing! It can also be felt when you hear the guys play live in Germany, Greece, Holland, and France and you see how the audience in front of the console flip out and surrender to the music. With this groove both will stay side by side for the preceding months and even years. Through their enthusiasm and perseverance, the two are on the way to the very top in the techno scene. The goal is not only the music but also to fully live from the music.




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Mind Map

Produced by the label residents Freimann & Thurau, Mind Map is a floor-filling deep-techhouse track with a super-deep bassline combined with spehric synth elements and a phat vocal… In advance 3 killing remixes from deephouse to techno of well-known artists Patrick Chardronnet, Afrilounge and the other label residents Daz & Parre make this release to a high-quality dancemusic experience.

Artist: Freimann & Thurau
Title: Mind Map
Remixers: Patrick Chardronnet, Afrilounge, Díaz & Parrée
Published: 2012-12-07
Cat.-No.: KR001

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Geboren in einer Familie von Tänzern und Musikern vereitelte Mathias Freimann als Kind konsequent jegliche Versuche, sie musikalisch zu erziehen. So wurden Orgel, Klavier, Bass oder Gitarre, die man sie zu spielen lehrte, dem eigentlichen Sinn entfremdet und rein percussiv genutzt. Seit 2007 verstehen er seine musikalische Arbeit als Mission an der richtigen Stelle zu reduzieren, dabei die Kernaussagen der Musik hervorzuheben und gleichzeitig ein Gefühl eigenfrivoler Entrücktheit zu verbreiten.

Sein Sound ist in denn Performances und Produktionen im Erschaffen eines konstanten Momentes mentaler, meditativer Wucht und orchestraler Ästhetik. Gewagte, eigensinnige Balance zwischen trockener, minimaler Abstraktion, dubbigen House Grooves, rythmischer Energie und akustischer Gewandtheit sorgen für pulsierend, meditative Momente mit dem gewissem Soul.