Kevi Anavi


Kevi Anavi’s productions are marked by a district hybrid of minimal fueled beats, shocking sounds and rolling bass lines, married in harmony with soulful or dark voices.

She performs as a DJ that has taken her to all corners of Slovakia and also to UK, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Greece etc. Her original productions, collaborations and remixes have been released on iconic labels including legendary techno label of Kevin Saunderson – KMS Records (Detroit/Chicago), „Innocent Music“, Ramon Tapia´s „Say What? Recordings“, Inwave Imprint, Amam, Draft, Zoo Lab, Dushe Label etc.

With her powerful sets and ability to produce sounds as if from another planet, she weaves together a hypnotic, ecstatic experience for the listener and an extremely funked up situation for the dancing crowd; an exchange of energy that dissolves boundaries, where music becomes a universal language.
Keep your ears open for new „Kevi´s“ Sci-Fi-mal releases coming up!

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